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Complex Made Simple.

Complex Problem Solving

Big or small, your problem is our focus. We’ll help you solve even the most challenging concerns with ease.

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We believe every challenge has a creative solution waiting to be discovered—Our complex problem-solving solutions mean you can commit more energy and resources toward operating your business while we tackle the most significant hurdles you’re facing behind the scenes.

Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting services are committed to helping you find the most profitable path forward.

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We understand the challenges that come with operating a business—Our consulting services strive to provide the strategic and creative solutions needed to set you up for success. We’ll be the additional set of eyes and fresh perspective you need to position your company to operate optimally.

Owner's Representative

When time is limited, we become an extension of your business to ensure projects are executed with technical expertise.

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Time is a limited resource that everyone wants more of—We aim to give you back as much of your time as possible by serving as a company representative to help you efficiently execute your next project. Our team will capture your goals, vision, and culture and provide the technical expertise necessary to make the best decisions on your behalf.

Project Management

Our project management solutions increase your ability to successfully stay on track and within budget.

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We know time and finances are critical factors for successful projects—Let us help you achieve your intended results by mitigating the project risk and minimizing the rate of failure. We’ll help select an experienced project manager that will demonstrate project management process results you’ll be proud to showcase.

Why is intentional attention important?

Anyone can deliver ideas—but what differentiates Thunderhead is our intentionality and commitment to providing quick, streamlined, and reliable results. Through ongoing collaboration and our use of data-driven results, you can rest assured that your next project will be optimized for success.  

Why do we do what we do?

We thrive on collaborating with brilliant minds to solve unconventional problems with smart solutions. In the digital era, there are countless “problems” and plenty of “answers” available – and our goal is to evaluate the challenge(s) you’re facing and then find the best path forward to position your brand for success.

What is The Process Like?

We have a proven 5-step process that allows us to get to know you and then formulate a plan to deliver your desired results.

1. Discovery

A 90-minute overview session about Thunderhead Enterprises, getting to know the client, and reviewing how our process works. This is a critical step as it helps us understand the nature of your business, industry, and the challenges you face.

2. Evaluation

Over the course of a month, we conduct an initial assessment to establish a baseline, record the current state of things, and analyze preliminary data and metrics to aid in demonstrating project results post-implementation.

3. Formulation

This step in our process allows us to architect the best solution to the obstacles you are facing. We’ll consider your brand’s purpose, dream, identity, plan, and the tools needed to get you from point A to point B.

4. Implementation

The part of the process you’ve been most anticipating – the implementation of the smart solutions designed to propel your organization forward. This step includes the execution of all necessary integrations, programs, and initiatives.

5. Ongoing Support

Post-project, we are still here to provide support through quarterly feedback, problem-solving, team health evaluations, and accountability measures to ensure you stay on track and are satisfied with the trajectory of your business.

Adrian Lopez

Adrian is a passionate and purpose-driven leader boasting a decade of experience working for the United States Government and five years employed by one of the fastest-growing mega-churches in the nation. Opportunities to collaborate with C-suite-level executives to solve their challenging or complex situations fuel Adrian. He delivers top-tier results quickly and efficiently through his innate ability to develop strategies and implement technologies that improve businesses.


Adrian Lopez is skilled in helping teams and individuals develop strategies to improve business. His technical expertise also comes in handy when looking to select and implement technologies to meet business objectives.  Most importantly he has people skills and desires each person and team he works with to feel heard, supported and understood. Adrian’s bottom up approach to leadership will help your team!

Nancy Houston
Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

We hired Adrian to evaluate our current organizational structure.  He personally connected with each person to understand their individual perspectives and then provided a detailed assessment back to the leadership team with actionable recommendations.  Everyone felt seen, heard, and valued throughout the process.  It was definitely worth it.

-Susan Graves
Domino’s Franchisee Owner

Adrian’s ability to wade through a sea of details and land on a solution is unsurpassed.  It is always a joy to work with him.

-Joshua Price
RIKR Technology

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